Servicing your vehicle can prevent breakdowns- Why?

Well its simple – Servicing your vehicle keeps the engine healthy. Your vehicle service schedule is a very important component in reselling your vehicle, if not serviced up to schedule, the vehicle value may drop drastically.

๐—ชอŸ๐—ตอŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐—ปอŸ ๐—ถอŸ๐˜€อŸ ๐—บอŸ๐˜†อŸ ๐˜ƒอŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐—ตอŸ๐—ถอŸ๐—ฐอŸ๐—นอŸ๐—ฒอŸ ๐—ฑอŸ๐˜‚อŸ๐—ฒอŸ ๐—ณอŸ๐—ผอŸ๐—ฟอŸ ๐—ฎอŸ ๐˜€อŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐—ฟอŸ๐˜ƒอŸ๐—ถอŸ๐—ฐอŸ๐—ฒอŸ?อŸ

Service intervals are like followed:

(Every 15 000 km)

The types of services with its intervals are as followed:

What is included in an oil change service (minor) at VAGSpec Centre?

What is included in an interval service at VAGSpec Centre?

What is included in a major service at VAGSpec Centre?

๐—ชอŸ๐—ตอŸ๐—ฎอŸ๐˜อŸ ๐—ดอŸ๐˜‚อŸ๐—ฎอŸ๐—ฟอŸ๐—ฎอŸ๐—ปอŸ๐˜อŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐—ฒอŸ ๐—ฑอŸ๐—ผอŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐˜€อŸ ๐—ฉอŸ๐—”อŸ๐—šอŸ๐—ฆอŸ๐—ฝอŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐—ฐอŸ ๐—–อŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐—ปอŸ๐˜อŸ๐—ฟอŸ๐—ฒอŸ ๐—ผอŸ๐—ณอŸ๐—ณอŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐—ฟอŸ ๐—ผอŸ๐—ปอŸ ๐—บอŸ๐˜†อŸ ๐˜€อŸ๐—ฒอŸ๐—ฟอŸ๐˜ƒอŸ๐—ถอŸ๐—ฐอŸ๐—ฒอŸ?อŸ

VAGSpec Centre offers a 12 months or 20 000km guarantee on all parts and labour.

All Engine oil, Oil filters and Spark plugs are original Volkswagen and Audi parts.

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